Our Advisors

Axial’s technical advisors are talented engineers and engineering leaders with expertise in scaling systems and teams. Our advisors taught CS at Stanford and helped build Google Maps, MLB.com and Meebo. Working closely with our team, they make sure we’re always pointing in the right direction.

Pat Miller

Pat Miller

Pat’s been interested in the intersection of high performance/large scale computing and computer languages since grad school. He’s developed compilers and debuggers for parallel functional languages and worked on supercomputers. He’s been in love with the Python language since he first discovered it in 1996 (version 1.2!).

Pat has been the resident Python Guru at DE Shaw Research and Lawrence Livermore Labs and has used Python for nuclear design, molecular chemistry, and of course finance. He’s taught numerous courses in computer architecture, programming, and scientific code development at Stanford and Cal Poly — just to name a few. If it needs to go fast or run at scale, Pat is interested in how to do it right.

Pat advises Axial on all things Python, from properly screening Sr. Python Engineers to scaling and optimizing application performance. He also has the honor of having given the craziest Lyceum we’ve hosted to date: Hacking Python Byte Codes.

Sandeep Jain

Sandeep Jain

Sandeep is an engineering leader who cut his teeth at Google before founding his first company: Reschedge, which includes Axial as a customer. At Google, Sandeep led the development of both the Google Maps portal for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the Doubleclick publisher back-end — Google’s display ads platform.

Sandeep has seen first hand how technology can help empower SMB owners at scale through his work on Google Maps. He advises Axial on effectively scaling our team and processes, and has helped with the design of Axial’s distributed authorization and authentication back-end.

Alex Kolundzija

Alex Kolundzija

Alex is technologist who has spent the last decade++ building web applications and managing engineering teams at companies including Google, Meebo and MLB.com. He is currently the founder and CEO of Blend which he built as a Hacker-in-Residence at Betaworks. Some of Alex’s side projects include Gallerama.com, Slideshowify.com and LiveXmlEdit.com. He’s also reviewed a number of technical books, most recently Mastering Node.js.

Alex advises Axial on creating great user experiences using modern JS and CSS techniques, and provides invaluable advice on recruiting and managing great engineering teams.

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