The Axial Corps of Engineers

Factum non Verbum

The Axial Corps of Engineers is a team of technologists dedicated to pragmatically and predictably shipping innovative software. Axial’s mission is to connect the entrepreneurial economy to help companies succeed. The software we build empowers entrepreneurs worldwide to connect with the capital and specialized advice they need to grow, finance or sell their business. We strive for excellence both in our software and as a team, from our automated build system to our increasingly modular front-ends, from transparency in communication and data-accessibility to painless product planning and great delivery forecasting.

Our Challenges

Making life easier for every member of the entrepreneurial economy is a lofty goal. We measure our success by the number of relationships we’re helping to build. Building relationships requires speedy and high-fidelity introductions, great communication and organizational tools, and it requires both in a way that will scale to serve the 20,000,000 privately held companies in the worldwide entrepreneurial economy.

Making the Market

At the heart of our system is SuperC — the recommendation engine that drives the Axial network. SuperC introduces entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors across enterprise values, industries and regions. SuperC must constantly become more accurate without sacrificing recall, become more and more behavioral, ingest more and more data feeds, and do them all at larger and larger scales.

Communication and Responsiveness

Axial is only as strong as its Members and their communication. Simple-to-use messaging with flexible organizational tools and timely reminders help build great relationships — which turn into commercial success for our Members. Consistent attention to great user experience around communication backed up by great messaging infrastructure paves the way to more success for more Members.


Axial generates value for all our Members through network growth. More investors and advisors means we can help more entrepreneurs, more entrepreneurs means we can help more advisors and investors. Our growth necessitates more precision in our introductions, tighter controls around communication and tools that provide day-over-day value to increasingly nuanced member cohorts. Our job is to anticipate the changes that come with growth, and keep our products one step ahead of the evolving needs of our Members.

Our Stack — Subject to Change

We are firm believers in using the right tool for the job, so when the job changes the tools change with it. The freedom to use the right tool for the job depends on a minimally encumbered stack, optimized for flexibility and interoperability across tools, frameworks and languages:

  • Our infrastructure is built on AWS
  • We use Ansible to automate provisioning and configuration
  • We use make(1) to automate our build across many languages
  • We use git for source control
  • Our Database is MySQL but we wish it was PostgreSQL
  • We use Xapian for Search
  • We strive for 100% web service interoperability
  • Most of our web services are written in Python using Django or Flask
  • We are upgrading our Front End to use Backbone.js

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