Axial Lyceum


In 1826 Josiah Holbrook organized the Millbury Branch Number 1 of the American Lyceum with the goal of bringing lifelong education through presentation and spirited debate to everyone. Mr. Holbrook’s great hope was to bring about a general and universal diffusion of knowledge regardless of age, gender or station. Taking the name “Lyceum” from Aristotle’s school, Mr. Holbrook’s efforts resulted in the organization of thousands of local Lyceums and the brief formation of a National Lyceum.

At Axial, we agree strongly with Mr. Holbrook that education is a lifelong exercise. We believe that curiosity and ingenuity are critically important and that you should engage in debate with friends, colleagues and experts on a variety of topics frequently and vigorously.

In the spirit of the 19th century Lyceum movement, we invite domain experts to our offices every month to give a presentation or participate in a panel discussion. Our doors are open to anyone interested in joining the debate (and of course, there’s always the free Sixpoint).

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